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HGH in bodybuilding. All of pros and cons

Growth hormone is a powerful anabolic, whose action is aimed at activating the metabolic resources of the human body. Thanks to its presence in the body, it becomes possible to build muscle mass, burn subcutaneous fat. It activates the higher centers of regulation, which leads to an increase in libido.

Athletes who want to improve their athletic performance are interested in the question of how growth hormone allows you to achieve this, whether it is possible to increase its level in natural ways. To learn all this helps a clear understanding of the mechanism of production and action of this powerful anabolic.

Synthesized in the pituitary gland, this hormone lives up to its name. It stimulates cell growth and repair, which allows you to build muscle and increase bone density. Growth hormone is responsible for maintaining normal tissue function in the body, including the central nervous system and internal organs.

It is active in the blood for only a few minutes, during which the liver converts it into growth factors. The most important is IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1). Growth hormone was first isolated in the fifties of the last century from cadaveric material. In laboratory conditions, it began to be synthesized in 1981. A little later, he began to be produced in a dosage form. The drug quickly gained popularity.

How much growth hormone is produced in the human body?

For one milliliter of blood, men have up to 5, and women – up to 10 nanograms of the hormone. The difference is due to the spike in concentration during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This powerful anabolic reaches the highest concentration in the blood of both sexes during puberty, and after 20 years it decreases.

How can you know about the lack of a hormone?

Based on the results of a blood test that is no different from any standard laboratory test. It can be done with a referral you should ask your doctor for.

Is synthetic growth hormone dangerous?

There are many cases of exaggeration of the negative effects on the body of various artificially obtained substances. For a long time, even creatine, which is one of the safest and most effective dietary supplements, has been touted in the media as potentially harmful to humans.

A similar situation is developing around growth hormone. According to experts, the risks of taking it are limited to an increase in blood sugar, the occurrence of puffiness. An increase in the size of the liver or legs are isolated cases, the cause of which was an excess of dosage.

What is growth hormone used for?

The age-related decline in this hormone is a natural process, but it does not affect a person in a positive way. Its function is not limited to stimulating muscle growth. It slows down the degenerative pathologies that occur in the body of every person with age, is responsible for sexual desire, supports mental activity and general well-being.

A drop in growth hormone has the opposite effect. A person’s vitality decreases, sexual desire dulls. The lost muscle mass, as a rule, begins to be replaced by fats deposited in the subcutaneous layer, that is, the silhouette begins to lose its attractiveness. To prevent this from happening, take its synthesized analogue of the growth factor.

Where can you buy the drug?

Insulin-like growth factor-1 is prescribed for people with low tissue sensitivity to the hormone. Such a prescription can usually be obtained from a specialized clinic. The synthesized hormone is sold even over the Internet.

The main thing is to make a purchase either through a pharmacy chain, or in a store whose core business is sports nutrition and supplements for example this site Otherwise, it will be rather difficult to check the quality of the substance.

Increasing growth hormone without taking synthetic analogues

Proper sleep, that is, sufficient in time, as well as strength training, allows you to stimulate the natural production of the hormone. The more time is devoted to physical activity, the more active synthesis occurs.

Recent studies have shown that people who regularly exercise have increased blood circulation of IGF-1 and growth hormone after exercise, which was not found in untrained “test subjects” who did the same training.

The production of the hormone occurs throughout sleep, but the greatest peak, according to research, occurs precisely at the beginning of the deep phase. Therefore, how much a person sleeps is important. The recommended amount of sleep should be between seven and nine hours.

Proper nutrition is equally important. The diet should be balanced. Preference should be given to lean food, as fatty foods lead to a decrease in growth hormone.

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