The latter

The latter came as a result of one our boats taking in a load of Hormel canned chicken.  Some of

Poor and apparently

The Jap aim was poor and apparently their launching device was very crude, perhaps the whole device was crude.  Anyhow

Our boat crews

Our boat crews (26 of them) during all this time were giving a grand account of themselves and while we

I spend the third night

I spend the third night in Jack’s boat because I had to send mine back to the ship for repairs

The mortar fire

The mortar fire we could see landing on the beach was really much more personal because we could see what

As I told you before …

As I told you before I think one of my most vivid memories of this whole business will be the

By late morning

By late morning there were enough places on the beach to land boats.  Bates and I got back in ours


Finally daybreak came and after eating a breakfast of canned rations (none of us had much of an appetite) we

By the time

By the time the last boat was off the beach and was straightened away for home it was beginning to

There was enough room…

There was enough room however and our boat coxswains used perfect judgement in picking their landing spots.  Out poured the