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Portrait of your pet by photo

Portraits of animals evoke a lot of positive emotions and give a good mood not only to the owner of the pet, but also to those who look at the picture. And what a lovely portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier or a Spitz as a baby! Especially when you are next to your sedate, experienced, four-legged friend. That’s why the site decided to give each of you the opportunity to capture your pet: Now you can order not only clothes, but also a portrait of a dog or cat, and after a short period of time to become the owner.

A pet portrait

We offer you to order a pet portrait by photo, made by a professional artist. The artist will paint the picture of a pet from the photo on a fine-grained canvas, which is covered with a classic emulsion white primer. Quality linen canvas is firstly stretched on a stretcher, and then a portrait of a spitz, yorkie or any other pet is painted on it. And you get a completely finished painting! By the way, a custom-made pet portrait is painted with acrylic paints, because of which it acquires incredible colors and colors. To order a pet portrait, you need to provide an excellent quality photo of your dog or cat. After 1-3 weeks, you will receive a finished canvas in the frame, on which your pet will be depicted in all its glory as realistically as possible. How a bespoke dog portrait looks like, you can see online at specialized sites that sell this service.

The paintings are made in several formats. Price and timing depends on the size of the picture. Once the custom dog or cat picture is ready, you can get its photo by email. Clients pay for the portrait of a cat to order or a dog immediately after receiving it. Advance payment is also possible if that option suits you better. There are many convenient solutions, so you just have to choose the most successful ones. The price also includes the price for sending the portrait of your pet according to the postal tariffs.

At this point, everyone can order a special portrait that will be done by a professional artist. Portrait of a dog or a cat, you can also order on such specialized sites. This is a very convenient solution because you will pay for the work of a specialist and get a great result. This option can also be an ideal gift for many animal lovers. You can order a portrait of a dog or cat by contacting the specialists. This will help you get the best service and you will definitely be happy with the result.

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