BATES-R US News Why do many people not play at online casinos?

Why do many people not play at online casinos?

There are categories of people who do not trust online casinos and are afraid of fraud. A survey of 1,000 respondents (which included newcomers and experienced players) showed that:

  • 32% had difficulty paying for virtual casinos;
  • 28% do not trust the network gambling, afraid of losing their savings;
  • 23% don’t understand the advantages of virtual casinos over real ones;
  • 17% have never encountered such a phenomenon as online casinos.

Difficulties with payments are easily solved, but the distrust of potential customers should seriously concern the owners of institutions. Now there are specialized sites with reviews and ratings, which will help you choose the most reliable casino. If you want to get more information about 888casino canada casino or any other casino, you should use Here you will find many useful hints that will help you make the right decision.

The main reasons for distrust

The owners of reputable virtual halls are doing their best to convince fans of gambling in their honesty, but still skepticism continues to be encountered. Many people simply can not believe it. No one denies the existence of a large number of fraudulent casinos. If virtual gambling is banned in your country, you are deprived of any legal support in possible disputes with the operator of the institution.

If we talk about the advantages of online casinos over real ones, it’s obvious. After all, Internet technology is firmly included in the lives of most people. So people who know nothing about gambling, soon, too, will not remain. However, the percentage of fans of land-based gambling establishments is no longer as high as it used to be. It is noteworthy that the study was conducted in Eastern Europe, where virtual casinos are not as actively developing as in the United States. However, there is no doubt that virtual casinos are gaining popularity every year worldwide.

Other factors and the choice of a safe virtual casino

Software quality and complete transparency of financial transactions through banks still can’t be considered the last criteria to consider when choosing a safe online casino. However, they already put off quite a large portion of potential cheaters. Another sign of a decent casino is responsive support. For example, a player can send an email to a specified email with a simple question (even if he himself already knows the answer to it from the license agreement, which he presumably read beforehand): “How quickly will it be possible to withdraw my winnings?” or “Will I need proof of identity when withdrawing funds?”.

If the answer time exceeds 15 minutes, it is better to refuse to play on this site. Also, major players in the market of virtual gambling entertainment have a chat room, which is supported in real time. Examine the casino website in detail for the logos of regulatory organizations. For example, if the site has the eCOGRA logo, it means that any disputes between players and casinos are guaranteed to be resolved. It is also recommended to review the “About Us” section of the site. Try to check the validity of the information provided on this page on the Internet.

If you want to play the best slots online but cannot find a reliable casino, use It will help you find the best casino. At the moment, resources of this type can help you distinguish reliable casinos from scammers, so you should start using specialized sites with ratings. As a result, you will have effective tools in your hands to find the best online casino.

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